Surfaces Free of Seams

Laminate floors are a hybrid floor-covering consisting of a particleboard wood base topped by an image layer and a transparent wear layer.

Laminate floors have smooth surfaces that are free of seams, making them easy to clean. Laminate floors never need wet mopping. A dry mop or broom will take care of most of the dust and dirt. For deep cleaning, it's best to use a hard surface mopping tool that dispenses cleaning fluid instead of water.

The laminate flooring is scratch-resistant due to their tough wear layer, this makes the flooring well suited for homes with pets and children.

Legacy Floorcovering

Flooring Options

Laminate floors are inexpensive relative to other types of floor coverings, though some premium laminate floors can cost as much as solid hardwood or engineered wood flooring.

Because the floor is constructed largely of moisture-sensitive particleboard, laminate flooring can swell beyond repair if subjected to water for too long. In theory, laminate flooring is waterproof—only if all boards are perfectly joined with no seams and if the edges are all trimmed with waterproof baseboards.